Bird Feeders

This will make a unique gift for bird watchers and admirers of St. Francis!
Brother Frances Breakfast and Bath
Wood Carved replica of the much revered 

Patron Saint of all creatures large and small. Hand-crafted in weather loving  Red Cedar  Brother Frances stands nearly life size at 4'9" with outspread (18 " wide) arms holding a cedar tray with bowls for seed and water. Brown hood and robes sculpt in textured  1" red cedar and 2" Adirondack Pine. His artisan carved face and sandaled feet peek out from his sash tied robe. Two wood decoy birds and two in-ground stabilizing pipes included. Assembled in 10 minutes with 8 pre positioned screws. Clear coated in acrylic for long lasting beauty. 
Our Brother Francis brings a touch of theater to Bird feeding ~ and to wine and cheese parties for people! Terra Cotta bowls not included.

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