Behold the world’s only offering of life-like, life size people sculpture that bring smiles to life for holiday time functions.
St. Nick

Our St. Nick is "world class" because he reveals the memory of St. Nicholas (the beloved fourth-century bishop from the Netherlands) and the smiles and joy of everyone's vision of Santa Claus. His twinkling blue eyes and outstretched arms will greet family and holiday guests with offerings of sweets, treats, eggnogs and all manner of small, gift-wrapped surprises on his golden tray trimmed with holly and berries.

  • He stands life size at 4 feet 9 inches with arms outspread to 18 inches

  • Robes are sculpted in textured 1 inch red cedar

  • Cherubic face is artisan-carved

  • Easy assembly

  • A  family heirloom for many generations to come.

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