Fun Garden and  Patio Planters

Unique Planters designed for indoor/outdoor plantings or to be used as baskets for most anything you can imagine ~ even as party beverage coolers ~ or for storing poolside telephones and toys, hot tub or spa supplies! All of the above and MORE ... along with viewer compliments and Endless SMILES!
The Basskett Hound Planter/Basket

This obliging Basset is an all-purpose basket for home & garden. Bassket Hound is life-size at 35 inches from nose to tail by 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide at leg spread. Very life-like with angled head & neck, offset rear legs and contoured body. If he were any more life-like, he'd have fleas!

He has a generous cargo space of 19 inches x 6 inches and 8 inches x 7 inches deep for plants, magazines, knitting supplies, etc. Complete with leatherette collar, dog tag and extra large Teflon foot gliders.

Mallard Mate Planter/Basket

Far more decorative than a decoy---and far more versatile. Classic, colorful and a bit larger than life-size at 27 x 16 x 10 inches in textured cedar and 2-inch rugged Adirondack pine.

  • Contoured body with layered side wings of 1-inch cedar

  • Academically trimmed in brown, white, green, yellow, blue and black

The Great Blue Bloom'n Heron
Garden Goose Planter/Basket

The Canada goose is ubiquitous and beautiful. This classic planter is slightly larger than life-size at 28 x 19 x 12 inches. Caution: do not deploy it near a wild bird flyway---unless you want visiting flocks to hover about!

  • Layered side wings of 1 inch textured cedar over a contoured body of ½ inch cedar head and neck of 2 Adirondack pine

  • Authentic trimmings of brown, gray, black and white

  • Artist signed/dated/numbered.

  • A classic...for all seasons and reasons!

Potting Pelican Planter/Basket

On legs and lovable---and about as close to having a real pet pelican as you'll ever get. Contoured cedar body with layered wings. Caution: At ocean-side settings it will attract pelican pals.

  • Truly life-sized at 24 x 22 x 11 inches

  • Life-like trimmings of brown, gray, white and coral

  • Artisan scuplt head with button eyes

Hanging Honker

This ever-popular Canada goose is in flight. Spectacular life size of 39 inches x 9 inches with 15-inch wings spreading 14 inches wide angled off its contoured body. A flock of three hung at different levels is breathtaking!

Our Guild is driven to replacing every Pepto Bismol pink Flamingo in America with our stately, majestic herons. They are life-sized at 36 inches diagonally from beak to tail, 9 inches wide, and stand 44 inches above ground. Sculpt and trimmed so life-like, little fish and frogs flee at their sight!

  • Contoured body of 1 inch feather-textured cedar

  • Head and neck of 2 Adirondack pine

  • Layered wings, pipe legs and adjustable webfoot

  • Spectacular for docks, poolside and pond landscaping.

Use the heron indoors by inserting its pipe legs into our 12 x 12 x 9 high triangular display base made of natural cedar with painted marsh grass. Indoor heron uses: plants, towels for bath or sauna; bath soaps, etc.

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