Our designer mailboxes make a lasting, visual statement of your love for pets and wildlife. These residential roadside sculptures become landmarks - and a constant source for neighborly smiles.  Mailboxes  make  graphic statements  about interest in nature, wildlife, pets, hobby's, etc. They also give a first impression of your home and stand as a beacon to all who pass by. They will forever identify you in the community. Be prepared for all of the above - and for  the daily joy and distinction of ownership. 
Postal Pelican Mailbox

Lovable brown pelican with authentic accents
of yellow, white, gray and coral.  


  • Contoured breast over cedar covered door

  • Layered wings over contoured body of feather-textured cedar

  • Beautifully sculpted head and neck in 2-inch pine

  • Button eyes

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

  • 33 x 25 x 13 inches overall

Postal Pooch Mailbox

Our generic pup is sculpt in fur-textured cedar and pine (20 inches L x 11 inches H x 6 inches W) bolted to the popular Medium size (21 inches x 11 inches x 8 inches) black steel mailbox. Adorned with muddy brown paw prints and trimmed all around in cedar. He sports markings of butterscotch brown & white with black highlights.

Haremail Mailbox

Whimsical, chunky rabbit with contoured body in full 1-inch textured cedar.

  • Flag mounts on one ear

  • Specify white with black and pink accents or multi-colored brown with black, white and pink accents

  • 29 x 16 x 13 inches

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

Postal Piggy Mailbox

A pull on the snout opens this ever popular, smiling pig mailbox. Contoured to be piggy plump with pinkish, white and muddy tan trimmings over hide-textured 1-inch cedar.

  • Big button eyes and angled ears with tag

  • 30 x 16 x 14 inches

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

  • Legs are secured to a 2 x 24 x 11-inch wood platform for easy mounting on any roadside post

  • A country classic!

Bassbox Mailbox

Awesome extra Large Mouth bass. Has three dimensional, layered fins and sculptured markings all trimmed in authentic bass colors.

  • Contoured body of 1-inch rough-sawn, fish-like textured cedar

  • 24 x 20 x 13 inches

  • A generic design for every fisherman

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

Swan Station Mailbox
Swan Station Mailbox

Stately Mute swan with subtle black endings and orangey bill.

  • Three-piece layered wings of feather-like textured cedar

  • Contoured body

  • Beautifully detailed head and neck sculpt in 2-inch pine with wood button eyes

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

  • 32 x 21 x 13

  • Elegant---and swansational!

Bantambox Mailbox

A bigger than life-size New Hampshire red rooster.

  • Contoured body with three-piece layered, sloping wings in feather-textured cedar

  • Barn red with accents of yellow, black and shimmering green

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

  • 31 x 25 x 14 inches

  • A unique country accent to wake up the neighborhood

Postal Pussycat Mailbox

Fully sculptured life-size cat with dangling leg is bolted to a white mailbox decorated with mud-colored paw prints and framed in natural cedar side panels.

  • Mailbox door and rear panels are cedar covered

  • Tail mounts up, down or sideways; your choice.

  • Mailbox is standard size

  • Cat is generic black and white with red collar, metal tag and soft white wire whiskers

  • 25 x 19 x 12 inches

Mailard Mailbox

A little bigger than life-size at 30 x 22 x 12 inches and ever so lively in all its authentic colors of green, brown, blue, yellow and white.

  • Layered wings over contoured cedar body

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

Moo Mail Mailbox
  • Head and neck mounted on door

  • Rope tail, copper bell

  • Offset legs secured to 2 x 24 x 11 inch grass green platform for easy mounting on your post

  • Overall 35 x 24 x 13

  • Holstein colors with pink accents

  • Spectacular for farm and country décor---and a must for cow collectors.

  • Medium size mailbox

Bear Mailbox

An awesome, solid wood sculpted mighty black bear hovers over your mail safely stored below in a medium size USPS-approved mailbox. Complete with brass door plate, paw tracks and woodsy grass painted on the forest green box which is trimmed in 1-inch natural cedar and embedded in a 2-inch plank base for easy mounting.

  • Overall size: 27 inches L x 22 inches H x 11 inches W

Mailbox Turtles

At last...a tribute to turtles. Why not? We cater to lovers of whales, ducks, swans, cows,'s turtle time! We've hand painted a water scene on a medium size steel mailbox and flanked it with two multidimensional box-type turtles sculpted in solid 2-inch pine and double-layered 1-inch cedar.

  • Front and rear of box trimmed in solid 1-inch cedar

  • Overall measure: 26 inches L x 16 inches W x 14 inches H.

Frog Station Mailbox

Now, frog fanciers can leap with joy at the sight of a fanciful frog perched for postal deliveries. This solid 16 inches L x 9 inches W x 7 inches H wood-sculpt frog is so realistic you can almost hear it croak---and, if you do, please call the six o'clock news! The frog is bolted onto a medium steel mailbox with hand-painted water pond plants.

  • Front, rear and sides of box are trimmed with solid 1-inch cedar

  • Overall measure: 24 inches L x 11 ½ inches W x 17 inches H

Homing Honker Mailbox

Popular throughout the land, this classic Canada goose is a bit larger than life size at 29 x 25 x 12 inches---and ever so stately.

  • Contoured cedar body with layered uplifting 1-inch thick wings

  • Standard size steel mailbox embedded within

  • Can be confusing to over-eager bird hunters and hounds!

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